Ahrens Companies is a leading provider of design/build, and general contracting to private clients and government agencies in the State of Florida since 1992.


Whether we are consulting, conceptually designing, working on a construction jobsite or handling day-to-day operations, we provide our clients with innovative teams of experienced construction professionals that deliver successful projects - within budget and on time.


We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients and earn their trust through long-lasting relationships and value-added services. Whether we are ensuring the sustainable construction of their facilities to respond to natural disasters or analyzing a facility's efficiency, we believe in responsive and deliberate actions.


Design - Build:


Ahrens Companies understands the dependent relationship between the designer and the contractor. We bring professional representation to the constructed product and a single point of contact for the entire building process from planning to design and ending with construction. Our goal is to provide every Owner with the product they envisioned on time, under budget, at the highest level of quality available.


Our Design / Build services include:


   Site Plan Development

   Due Diligence

   Value Engineering

   Scope of Work

   Construction Document Development

   Drawings and Specifications


   Sustainable Design

   Research and Interface with City/County/Federal Agencies as required


General Contracting:


We take technical proficiency, budget adherence and scheduling as benchmarks for each project. Scheduling the right equipment and the right team for each job, coupled with technical and disciplined managers is a cornerstone of our vast and successful construction portfolio.


Our Pre-Construction services include:


   Conceptual and Final Estimating

   Budget Development

   Value-Added Engineering

   Schedule Development

   Continuing Operations Planning

   Document Review


Rarely are scope and budget in balance at the beginning of the design. Once we thoroughly understand the goals of the project, we will detail the workable options so as to maximize the program. This "value engineering" is often described as dollars saved, but it in fact serves a larger purpose: cost-effective evaluation of long and short-term options ensuring the comfort and efficiency of the user.


Our Construction services include:


   Total Quality Management (TQM)

   Project Management and Supervision

   Cost Control

   Safety Program


   Project Closeout


Quality Control Management:


Preparatory meetings are held prior to performing work to establish responsibilities, contract requirements, scheduling, hazards involved and proper safety required in completing each definable feature of work. Initial and follow-up inspections are conducted during each activity to assure all quality standards are maintained. Final inspections are conducted upon completion of each work phase to assure compliance. Risks must be continually reviewed and processes developed. Policies and procedures that reinforce these values must be communicated.


Our Post-Construction services include:


   Building / Facility Manuals

   Warranty Service


Sustainable Design:


The LEED certified professionals on our team will know what eco-friendly green principles may be applicable to your site, thus selecting the improvements which fit your Return on Investment requirement.