President's Message

Message from the President

Ahrens Companies is a fully integrated design-build firm that not only performs construction, but has a full in-house design division . We feel that we can design cost effective facilities, thereby saving your organization dollars

Ahrens design professionals are committed to cost-conscious designs.  Our efficient approach to architectural and planning challenges has generated innovative design/build solutions successfully used in many of our projects.  The track record of our design department demonstrates our ability to produce imaginative, cost-effective design in a timely and professional manner.

Ahrens Companies has adopted a team approach as a means of providing services for one very basic reason.... continuity.  Working together as a "TEAM" with your Agency, we believe that our design / construction group can make cost-saving suggestions to your building ideas. Since our design arm is in-house, the time lag between the design and construction is minimal in addressing cost-effective design, submittal approval and design drawing questions.

The "Ahrens Team" looks forward to partnering with your Agency to produce a quality project, make cost-saving recommendations and complete your project within your time frame.

Please call our toll-free number today - 1-877-263-9004 - to discuss how Ahrens Companies can help you achieve your requirements.

Richard Ahrens
President / CEO