Curt Batman

Adelphia - Corporate Manager Quality Assurance

I would like to take a few moments and reflect on the professionalism that your company illustrated in the handling of the construction of the Fiber Hub site recently completed for us. From Ille outset your representative came to our facility and listened to our needs and made suggestions that would not only benefited us monetarily in this project, but in the design thought process as well.

Then there was another representative assigned to supervise the construction from the first blade of dirt to the last stroke of the paintbrush. Throughout the process he was there to answer any questions or concerns I or the manager of the system had. If there was a change in the as built there was no problem unlike the construction industry today where you would think it would cause the end of the world.

Another area that Iwas tremendously impressed with was the method you requested the draws. Every invoice was very specific as per the contract and if the change order was in effect then the detail as to the change was very clear and understanding. I like the authorization of work document that's prepared prior to commencing the change. There is then no misunderstanding in the worn that was to be done andthe materialand labor involved.

All of your sub-contractors were also very helpful. You would think that they were regular employees of your company with the way they conducted themselves.

We had a business to run during the construction of this building and at no time did anything take place that hindered our work.

Richard, Adelphia thanks you for the work your company performed and we hope to do further business  with you in the Mure.

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